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Children's Department

The Children's Collection collection contains fiction & non-fiction books, Playaways, 1 Kindle, Wii games, magazines, DVDs, audio books, music, read-along books, & reading-readiness kits such as sequencing, phonics, or sight words. We also have a homeschool collection which includes 7 kits in large bins. Kid-friendly iPads are available for 2-hour in-house use, but they must be checked out by someone who is at least 18 years of age.

Children and their families may spend time finding books, magazines, music or visual materials to borrow, or they may choose to play with puzzles, or developmental toys. Children may also sign up for half-hour time slots on the educational game computer. Sign up can also be done in advance by telephone at 715-723-1146 x108.


The Chippewa Falls Public Library places no age limitations upon the use of its resources. Internet access workstations are available to all. One workstation is available in the Children's Room. Children ages 13 & under can sign up to do word processing, play games, or surf the Internet. While children may use the workstation, library policy encourages parents to monitor their own children's Internet usage.

Adults adults with an accompanying child may use that same Internet workstation before 6pm. The child must be present in the children's room. After 6pm, adults without children may also use the computer if it is available.