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Steve Olson, is the former owner of Huffcutt Concrete. Steve took over a modest sized family business and grew it into a large operation. While he was president of the company, they ventured into new areas of precast concrete and sold products throughout the entire midwest. They specialized in complete precast buildings which were and are popular in state and county parks among other areas. Steve has been very active in the Chippewa Falls community, serving as President of the Chippewa Falls Chamber and volunteering with many local philanthropic ventures. He has been a SCORE volunteer for over 5 years and has successfully mentored numerous individuals starting a new business venture.

Dan Toycen spent over 40 years in the automotive industry buying and selling as well as running, several car dealerships in Bloomer, Ladysmith and Chippewa Falls. In addition, he served on several bank boards for 20 years. In addition, he has run a family farm and has a background in farming. He has served on numerous philanthropic boards in Bloomer and Chippewa Falls, working to help the communities. He has been a SCORE volunteer for over 4 years and has worked with individuals starting up new business ventures.

SCORE (Service Corporation of Retired Executives) operates under the umbrella of the Small Business Administration. All of the mentors are volunteers and offer help to anyone wanting to start a new business venture or improve on one already operating. Often the volunteers simply ask questions of new business venture operators, leading them to better understand what they need to do to get started